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Vegetarian Fare & Salads

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Personalized customer service is our top priority. Our commitment to quality has made Jasper's cafe one of the best places to eat in Southern Oregon and Bluff Dale Texas. We serve lunch and dinner and feature gourmet burgers, gourmet hot dogs, gourmet sandwiches, gourmet salads, vegetarian fares, milk shakes &, malts, soda, beer & wine. We also provide an outdoor patio. See our Menu pages for a wide variety of meats. We serve All-Natural grass fed Oregon beef, Canadian Free Range Elk, Wild Boar, Wild Camel, Wild Kangaroo, Dakota Free Range Bison, Texas Beef, Asian Free Range Axis Deer, Cajun BBQ pulled pork and more. Each location my vary in meat & menu choices.

*Prices Subject To Change.
Note* Jaspers deep fry's in peanut oil.